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Simba play
[30] Bolt




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*dies of cuteness*

Snagged a lot and will credit if used!

Nnngh, so adorable! I'd forgotten how ridiculously adorable puppy-Bolt and begging-Bolt could be! Now I need to rewatch this film! ♥

super icony, 'kradnę' kilka ;D

Too much cuteness! *_*

shagged, like, all of them :3

These are ADORABLE! Snagging a few and will credit when used. Thanks so much! <3

These are all positively adorable, I'm so borrowing a few!!

omg i love this movie. these are so cute :'3

yay i love your icons! saving some

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, Bolt is so cute!

Soooo cute! I just died of cute overload. lol Snagged most of them, will credit when used! :D

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