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The Lion King
[48] The Lion King



Love these! Snagged two, thank you :)

Nice icons! Snagged a few, thanks.

omg these are all flawless! i will definitely be snagging some!

Great icons! Taking a few, and will ofcourse credit :)

These are wonderful! I'm snagging a few!

awww, definitely taking some ty :D

Yaaaaaaaie! I love when you post new icons. Thank you so much, you are amazing. :)

(Deleted comment)
Awww these are precious! ♥

these are reallyy good. saving some :D

Omgsh...these are so amazing. I'm so tempted to snag them all, but I'll just take a few. :D Thanks! These are awesome. Will credit!

Love these, saving some!

You make the best LK icons! May I add you as a friend?

Thank you very much, it will be very nice if you add me as a friend :)


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