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Lady and the Tramp part1
[48] Lady and the Tramp



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so amazing! taking a few ty :)

Great work! It's my favorite, so I saved a ton!

omg nostalgia, such a great movie. these are great, im going to take at least one but i havent decided which yet.

My favorite Disney movie! Will be snaggin a few. will credit of course. Great job. :)

OMG!!! I love these! Thank you! :D

Snagged of of the Si and Am icons.

I love your icons! Lady's so cute and I love the Si and Am icons. Could look at it all day.

These are adooooorable. And so fitting since I'm in total puppy love after seeing my friend's new 2 week old mutt who even squeaks. Thanks!

Awww! I love them! Will credit, thank you!

Too.. hard to resist ;o; Thankyou~~

so cute! Snagged a couple.

Snagged quite a few, they are so cute! Will credit when used!

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