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Lion King 2 icons
Simba play
[84] Lion King 2

Animation2i6t65 Animation1ipuu Animation23uyu Animation2jffc

000sqr1b 000srqx4 000ssask Animation1ipuu Animation2gfgf Animation2i6t65 Animation2iu

Animation2jffc Animation2kj Animation3jhj Animation3kop Animation3ok Animation3uhu Animation4hbk

Animation4iul Animation4o[o Animation4uio' Animation5_pp Animation5iupu Animation5jio Animation5jipi

Animation6_kji Animation6j_ihg Animation6jip Animation6p]p Animation6pok Animation7[ioi Animation7_kjk

Animation7io[i Animation7pok Animation7ytty Animation8]][o Animation8hluu Animation8jnh Animation9iupo

Animation9jhhy Animation9uy Animation10[p[ Animation10uh Animation10upyh Animation10uy Animation11ghk

Animation11hkg Animation11o Animation12kyt Animation12uyo Animation13ghl Animation13ulyg Animation14bjlh

Animation14ukh Animation14ulh Animation15jojio Animation15ykty Animation16hgkg Animation17,gh Animation17ju

Animation17vhhg Animation18gjtd Animation18jjhy Animation18uh Animation19k_j Animation19uhogy Animation20_ji

Animation20kn.jk Animation20mnnj Animation21bvhb Animation21gygy Animation21po Animation22ij_u Animation22k.jj

Animation22kjijh Animation23uyu Animation24n,hv Animation24oji Animation25j.hj Animation25k.j Animation26ijji

Animation27jhu Animation28i_uuy Animation28kj Animation30jnj Animation157y Animation97667 oii[uui

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This is my favorite Lion King movie, and yet I never thought someone would make icons of it. Thanks!

Awww these are brilliant! =D Gotta love Simba's Pride! =D xoxo

love this movie. snagged a bunch of kiara

The 8 year old in me is flailing. These are amazing. Vitani <3

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