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Friendship Is Magic
Simba play
[48] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic



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Great! The quality is really nice =)
Will credit when used!

zomg that one Spike icon is sooo wrong... o.o

Snagged a few for future use! I'll be sure to credit. :D

Awesome! I may take a few when I am at home on my own computer. :D

Thanks so much! As always, credit when used. :D

Oh goodness. I might have to pony up - er, no pun intended - for extra icon space, because I'm picking out about, oh. 10 of these I can use right now. For sure took a couple Rarity and bored!Scootaloo, I'll credit when I upload!

OMG I love all of them so much! My daughter is now a MLP fan too so she's going crazy over mommy's computer (she's 5 XD). Will credit when used :)

These are all absolutely too cute, I'm gonna snag a couple of Scootaloo and baby Spike :)

Thanks, snagging Rainbow Dash :)

These are fantastic! Hopping Scootaloo is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen

omg fantastic! I love these so much.

Whining Rarity. <3

I wonder who the heck Scootaloo is! Whose baby sister is she?

What are the pics from? The icons are really good, don't get me wrong, I'm just confused because they animations look nothing like MLP did when I was a kid.

More awesomeness! Thanks!

these are amazing, as are all your other icons! I'll credit when I use them, thank you so much.

Awesome have taken a few
thank you

Wonderful; Taking DJ PON3 and will credit!


Ohh these are awesome! Definitely saving some :D
If you do another batch of these, you should definitely include some gifs that feature Gummy the alligator! Sooo funny!
Thank you so much for making these! You are so great at it!

Thank you for sharing! I took a bunch! Will credit.

I took a few. I will remember to credit. ^_^

*squeee* Ponies! So many cute ones! Although I'm partial to the ones of Spike.

taking a couple, ty bb

Snagging some of these, amazing, thanks!

Taking a ton of MLP icons from this and other entries! ♥

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Awesome, I love them - taking a few and will credit you!

Took 3 of your Rainbow Dash icons with credit because they're 20% cooler. :D

snagged 11, 16, 19, 21 and 43. will credit.

taking a bunch! Great work!

took some icons. these are great! thanks!

Awesome icons!

How do you save them to keep them moving when you re-upload them? I keep having issues XD

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