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My Little Pony
Simba play
[48] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic



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I'm not watching that and I'm not taking any, but I gotta say these are amazingly! They loop perfectly!

eeee, I will be stealing some!! Much love!!

I'm so gonna borrow some of these <:)

(Deleted comment)
Everything about this is right.

OMG the cute is killing me! Snagged a bunch, will credit :D

these are wonderful, and you are awesome! I will be nabbing a bunch!

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Oh my god YES

I love these so much

Oh these are spectacular!!!

These are awesome! Will be pinching and crediting :)

The sheer overwhelming ponyness...*dies from cute*

Grabbed a few of these!!! :D Will credit!

Thank you for the cuteness!

These are great! Grabbing some, will credit :)

These are amazing!! Taking almost all of them, will credit. YOU ARE AWESOME ME LOVE YOU!!!

absolutely fabulous! I've taken several, with credit of course.

There are amazing! Definitely taking a couple <3

Yay! Taking a few, will credit.

(Deleted comment)
My friend from England just got me into this.

Dear God. This show. I don't know why but I love it.

oops, i think that one was from a different post. but i'm also taking this one!! ♥

Snagging so much of this lol THANKS <3

Snagged a few Rarities, thank you! :D

thanks took a "pinkie" gif & credited

(Deleted comment)
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