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Lambert the Sheepish Lion
Simba play

[48] Lambert the Sheepish Lion



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(Deleted comment)
i don't know what this is even but these are so cute! i'm taking some thanks :)

thanks i'll save this to watch later :)

You HAVE to watch this! Its one of Disney's bests!

omg these are adorable!

Omg I love, love Lambert! Taking some baby Lambert, too cute! ♥

Oh god, I've completely forgotten about that movie! Used to love it as a child! Snagging some, thx♥

God i was so small when I last saw this! Thank you for the memory bump lol.

I love Lambert! I'm glad there are others who remember it, everyone I talk to about this cartoon look at me like I'm crazy! haha

Thank you so much, you're wonderful. <3

oh my gosh, i remember watching this quite a few times when i was little on the disney channel but i never knew the name. so cute.

hmm,never heard of this but the icons are too adorable to ignore.

This is a wonderful story. I took several and will credit, of course. You do fantastic work. Thanks!!


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