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Anastasia part2
[44] Anastasia



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these are really great, but anastasia isnt disney, so you are not allowed to post links to these icons in the disney icon communitys...sry^^´´

I was coming here to say this too :)

these are so cute! i love them

weird looks like my first post didn't go through.

anyway, awesome, snagged a couple.;)

You probably don't need a bunch of people telling you it's not Disney, so instead I'll tell you who made the film. The movie was by Don Bluth and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

But I do want to say these are some very lovely icons and I may snag some :)

I feel like I have been waiting years for you to post these!! YAAAAY I love them! ;D

o m g

I really don't know which one to choose.

Awesome icons! Snagging a few and will credit. :D

Oh my goodness, Anastasia was one my my favourite movies as a kid. My bff tells this truly hilarious (/sarcasm) story from when we were kids that I'd always go up to people and really sincerely tell them that, no, they could be Anastasia, any little girl could. I wasn't very good at math and didn't understand that the Romanovs were a historical family, etc. :/

Anyway, I'll probably be stealing some of these, thanks. :)

ugh flawless. still my favourite movie and i'm 22

snagging a few! will credit

My favorite animation movie ever!
They're all gorgeous!

hi! I found your LJ yesterday and have been going through it since- snagging some icons along the way. And just to let you know- your work is amazing! I love it all- amazing icons!!!

I've snagged some icons, with credit! ^_^

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