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Beauty and the beast
[48] Beauty and the beast



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aw i love these so much!

They're great, but personally, I think this one would be much more beautiful if the animation was slower:

These are so awesome. I snagged a couple. <3

Took the sulky Beast and the eating one! Thank you very much! :D

omg these are great, thanks!

greatest movie everrrrrrr :') saving some, thank you!

just what I was looking for! I had rewarched this on Monday and was dying for some good icons. saving a bunch; they're just great (:

i love these! def taking a couple♥

THESE ARE AMAZING i wish i had the icon space to use them all

i love these~ taking bunches

omg, i'll have to delete one of my userpics to upload one of these. favorite disney movie, and your icons are perfect <3

Love these!

If you ever make more, I wouldn't mind seeing a Beast "stupid" one with his beasty hair all curled and covered with bows~!

Love these. Taking a couple.

These are great! :D Thanks for sharing.
The timing in all of these are perfect. (:

(Deleted comment)
These are great! Took a few, will credit :)

The Beast, Lumiere, and Chip are so win :-D

They are all so cute. Thanks!

I just took this one right here in my icon. Thank you for these, amazing!

My most favorite movie!! saved a ton! Love them!!

these are awesome! thanks so much for posting!

took a couple with credit, thank you!

So adorable!!! I took chip and the rose...will credit if/when used :)

I took a bunch and will credit you....these are so amazing!!

These are awesome! Belle is my fave princess! so thank u!
I take 3, i will credit you!

Beauty and the Beast! ♥

Lovely icons. Have nabbed a few and will of course credit you when used. :)

I love B&B <333 Thank you so much

Love them taking a couple

I simply love u!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing gifs... havent taken any YET, but gonna comeback with time to look them all and probably steal tons!! (:

these are so cute, i took a few, thanks!

These are all so cute! ♥

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