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lmao, saving Raja with underwear in his mouth

These are great! Taking the Applause sign one and prob a few others :D

I love these! I'm gonna snag a few! Thanks :D

so perfect i love them <3

OMG ALADDIN WITH THE BREAD :D:D my favorite part

I love the applause one! Thanks for these :)

I put this in memories.. I like the applause!! If i was to credit? J in the gifs? or Simbada93?? Thankies! Great Job!!

one of my favourite movies EVER.
taking quite a few, thanks!:)

I'll probably take some Jasmine ones. Thank you! :)

These are awesome. I snagged a few.

really,really good.

amazing! aladdin is the best movie of all time. OF ALL TIME.

taking a few, thanks!

These are incredibly awesome! I'm grabbing pretty much all of them. Will credit.

Oh my favorite Disney movie, brings back memories. Taking a Genie gif, will credit.

These are so neat! I'll credit you when I use one.

I love alll of this.

Rajah! And poufy Sultan! :-D

this are amazing! taking the aladdin and jasmine one!

love your work. taking a few, and will credit. <3

so flawless. taking a few and will credit, thank you :]

You need to add more princesses to your category princess, like Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, Anastasia, Snow White, BatB, etc.

Ooh, these are fantastic! I love them all. Definitely saving a bunch. Will credit if I use!

Wonderful job! :D

Not taking any but some of these are great! Especially all of the ones involving Apu, as well as the dancing Genie!

Can you make one with Jasmine crying on the fountain, please?

taking the fourth aladdin one!

I love the ones of Raja! :D
These are amazing! Snagged a few, will credit.
Tysm. <3

Another great collection. I'll be taking some to my computer:)

I'd love to see you do a Tangled tribute, when the movie comes out!

Oh wow I'm glad I checked out your tags. Taking a few, thanks!

I love Aladdin! Thank you so much for sharing these! I'm snagging a few of these, if that's okay. :>

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