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Disney 32 icons
Simba play
[1]Fox and the hound
[1]Joungle book
[2]Spirit stallion of the cimarron
[1]Brother bear
[1]Winnie the pooh
[1]Treasure planet
[3]Alice in wonderland
[1]New groove
[5]The little mermaid
[2]Lilo & Stitch
[6]Peter Pan


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Hey, these are all gorgeous, I snagged a bunch! :)

Will credit when used,

Oh those are stunning, can i please snaffle the winnie the pooh one i will obv credit :)

I love the one of Pooh Bear and the last one of Tink

Took some. Will credit you.

Taking the New Groove icon, will credit if used, thank you so much!

#4 is so nice! I love #3 as well *-*

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your icons! Taking a few, will credit you. Thanks! :)

i love these. i really appreciate the alice in wonderland ones, i always have a hard time finding good ones to use. thank you!

these are great. i suck at animated icons. saving a few.

Snagged the cinderella one. Will credit!

I took so many of your icons!
Love them so much! ♥

nice. Will credit any when used!

you are amazing! taking this pooh, thank you so much, will credit of course!:)

snagging an ariel one!

Hee, the Winnie the Pooh icon is just adorable. *snagging*

These are great! Snagged some and will credit! Thanks!!

how cuuuuute !! took the dumbo one and the winnie the pooh and cinderella and will credit when use !!

OMG the Winnie the Pooh one <33 Snagging and will credit!

Snagging the Winnie the Pooh one. It's so cute :3

Where's the kissy-kisssy ram from?

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