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icons ;)
Simba play
[3]Princess and the frog                       [2]Stitch
[3]TLK hakuna matata                         [2]The little Mermaid
[3]Alice in Wonderland                        [4]Aladdin
[1]Aristocats                                         [1]Cinderella
[3]Robin Hood                                     [3]Pocahontas
[2]101 Dalmatians                               [3]Bambi 2
[1]Brother Bear                                    [1]Lady and the Tramp



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I took robin hood icons. will credit. thanks)

These are awesome! Taking Timon's crazy eyes (0022ykzy) and Stitch's Elvis impersonation (0023d34q), will credit if used, thank you!

I am using 6 of your icons! Thank you so much for making such awesome icons! C:

These are awesome! Will credit you. :)

i ♥ ure animated icons :) i'm so glad i found ure icons. they're amazing, i took the cinderella dancing one, will credit when in use.

great icons, tq.

snagged a couple. Will credit. Excellent work!

Aha, I just kinda came across your journal.

I'm gonna snag one of these (princess and the frog), I will credit.

omg amazing! will credit :)

Wow, those are amazing and addictive to watch. Probably taking one or two. Will credit of course.

These are really good, taking some and will credit. Thanks!

EEE, totally taking the Timon crazy eyes!

I know this is one of your older posts... but I just came across your journal and I must say your animated icons are absolutely fantastic. <3

...and I commented on this post because I love how you have icons of both Marian and Duchess dancing.... it always amused me how there was the same dancing style in The Aristocats and Robin Hood. <3

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